about Lola Honey


The finest Mississauga escort, Lola Honey (sweet), is the sweetest treat for your choice of companion.

I am your 24-year old, educated, free-spirited, and fun-loving, neighborhood hedonist; Much more fun than your typical girl next door escort, I assure you.

My physique? Well, it has been described as “Monroe-esque”. I will admit, however, that I rather use the terms “cuddly-sized,” plush, and womanly to describe my decorated stature. Upon my chest, you will find perky 38C/36D breast proportioned to delicious 46-inch hips that you are encouraged to explore if you get the chance. I stand 5’7 in stocking covered toes, and often enjoy towering over many in my favorite heels.

I live to indulge in various activities that include, but are not limited to: adult clubs, scrumptious foods, local events/concerts, cult classics, and spa days. If you are wondering, yes, these are a few of my favorite things. Even more, I am eager to please any human who decides to use me as their pleasant escape from the everyday norms. You will be surprised to see that I am often very submissive despite my friendly attitude; however, that will not stop me from taking charge when conversation and physical advances are made.

My life experiences leave for many stories to share and I openly encourage you to be like a long lost friend; I do love to make you feel comfortable and loved! You are to forget your worries and enjoy our sensual exploration, companionship, cuddles, and giggles when we are together.

The praise I have received speaks volumes as I enjoy bringing incredible companionship to the table. The reviews serve as reassurance that you are making a great decision, as well as provide ideas as to how our date could play out... Feel free to let your mind wander in anticipation until the hour of meeting the best escort in Mississauga.

I hope you get the chance to give in to your temptations and bear witness to what is quickly being known as

"The Lola Experience".



"a very intense session with MPOS and MSOG for the acronym-constrained. Conversation in between rounds was fun and flirty. Felt more like an old flame or friend which is rare for a first encounter but always nice, although I did book multi-hour and bring lots of goodies so ymmv. All I can say is eat your Wheaties - you're going to need the energy!"

- R.Desmond, TERB



*Also accepting BTC, Litecoin or Etherium. Please let me know if you prefer a Crypto transaction *                 


At Lola’s..

Come to my place and I will care for you as my visitor! What trouble we will get into is up to you as we enjoy a lovely date in and bathe in each other's warmth. Caution: My happiness is not only contagious and enjoyable, it also quickly becomes addicting..

Donation: 240
Includes an hour of getting to know each other at my place

Prefer your place over mine?
That's completely fine! I will make my way to you if given 6+ hours notice, provided I am available for the day you request and that you are not too far. I can promise that we will be equally as satisfied as we would be at my place.

Donation: 300+
Includes and hour of getting to know each other at your place


Dinner and a Lola

If you would like to wine and dine before enjoying some "together time" , this option is for you! We will meet at a restaurant where we munch and chit chat about whatever tickles our fancy, then we can head to yours or mine for more intimate conversation.

Donation: 400
Includes my companionship at dinner and an hour of private time .
(Excludes meal, but you are a gentleman so you know this already)

Extra hours together: inquire

Seen me before and would like to donate in advance for dates?

This option is available after a few visits and will entitle you to a small discount on all hour appointments. Please contact for details.



Netflix and Chill
Actually chilling and binge watching your favorite show or movie! (We will most likely make out and cuddle nude) This is only currently available at your place.

Two Hours: 300 Three Hours: 400

At Your Service*
"Yes Sir/Ma’am, as you wish"
Find out the lengths of my submission as you become my Master, Daddy, or King. Have a kinky desire or a taboo fantasy? Perhaps we can make your dreams a reality during our time together. If this engagement requires pre-planning, feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience. Available at both yours, mine, or some public venues.

Donation: 400+
Includes an hour of consensual bdsm

What you want isn't here?
Feel free to contact me about different engagements and arrangements.


"With everything being an opinion, I honestly believe she has one of the prettiest faces I've ever had the fortune of gazing upon; beautiful teeth, electric smile, dimples...framed in such a wondrously symmetrical manner, that only mathematical notions would properly translate what would be lost in language."

- Fragments, TERB



Mississauga Escort.jpg

"Lola, when are you AVAILABLE?"

Usually updated on Sundays


February 21st: 5pm-10pm

February 25th: 3pm-10pm (tentative)

Dates at your place are usually available after 8pm, please inquire via booking form or email


"Her personality alone is enough to draw you in. So positive, bubbly and inviting. It makes you wonder if something is wrong with her lol (JKS she is a beautiful soul)... She is gorgeous even in a towel. Her room was clean and everything smelt nice and fresh... I was soo happy with her especially after going through a bunch of disappointments. I felt like quitting and then she restored my faith in the hobby."

-CMACS2K2, SP411




"Lola is definitely a honey. Very accommodating and pleasant woman. She treated me extremely well and was very giving. Has that cute but sexy look, especially with the hair"

- Cigarman16, TERB, Ottawa


Lovely Thirds

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This page will be updated often, so check back! 

My duo rate is 350 hourly in addition to the rate of my companion.

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