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Rbingz - SP411

Lola - 5643

Hey fellas,

This is Lola: (link removed)

Lola is a beautiful woman inside and out, we got acquainted via twitter. After vibing with her there, we planned accordingly. Met up at her location in Brampton. Easy to book via text/twitter and was greeted by a tall sultry woman with china doll skin and glass. I really should have asked her to keep on those glasses. Took a shower to freshen up, and got into it right after.

Session took 29 mins and 59 seconds and I enjoyed every minute of it. We both agreed that an hr was more appropriate given our sexual chemistry. A variety of positions took place but doggy had beads of sweat rolling down my face and dripping onto her ass and back. She gave me everything and I returned the favor.

Face - 10/10. I was stunned. I don't know what I was expecting but absolutely beautiful.
Body - 10/10. She's not thick imo, but she's not thin. Curvy? I'm not sure how to describe her but pics are accurate. Kitty is beautiful, and her chest is firm!
Attitude - 10/10 Bubbly, passionate, vocal, sensual. We f*cked but we also made love lol.
bbbj - 10/10 I'm not even a big BBBJ person, but she went deep, crazy sloppy, and made me turn to granite.
DFK - N/A We just shared a quick peck goodbye, not my thing.

Repeat? YES

Continue to be gentleman with these lovely ladies I share.


Link: https://www.sp411.cc/threads/188126-Lola-5643?

Fragments - TERB

Review Lola Honeysweet

So I met this girl, I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola.
How appropriate that the Kinks wrote that.
First, i know she's been reviewed before and was employed by a few agencies before she decided to go solo.
Second, her body looks exactly like the plethora of pics she has posted on various site - terb included.
Third, her rates and restrictions are posted in her terb ad (ad removed)
This lady has pre-occupied my mind since i left her room, for the second time in 10 days.
With everything being an opinion, I honestly believe she has one of the prettiest faces I've ever had the fortune of gazing upon; beautiful teeth, electric smile, dimples...framed in such a wondrously symmetrical manner, that only mathematical notions would properly translate what would be lost in language.

I know, probably a little over-board but its my opinion, and you care about it that's why you've made it this far.

Everything about this lady is genuine; the cute confirmation text warning me that her butt plug wasn't working with her in the morning and greek maybe a future destination; to the sadness when I foolishly asked for a condom when she wanted me to first finish in her mouth.

Then there was the sex, holy fuck fuck - all puns intended. I'd love to recant all the details, but you know the flight or fight syndrome? Someone should add a third; fuck, fuck in the truest sense of the word. Where your brain goes to another dimension and hangs out with interesting people while your body does what it was made to do - melt with another.

I could stop now, but the best part wasn't the above. The best part is chatting with her, just staying in her space. Her quirky sexy nature is unique and viral. She can hold a conversation. She is so relaxed. She says things that aren't about what's on tv or Netflix. She likes food!

Anyways, if my diatribe bored you i"m sorry. If my fondness for Lola isn't shared, get yourself checked.

One last thing; boy can she kiss. In the way where it feels like her mouth was divinely created to fit perfectly with your own.

Have a great night

Cmacs2K2 - SP411

Lola - 5643 Review (Mulatto Beauty)

Link: https://terb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?579681-Review-Lola-Honeysweet

I had the pleasure of a session with her awhile back but got very busy with work so I couldn't post before. Her personality alone is enough to draw you in. So positive, bubbly and inviting. It makes you wonder if something is wrong with her lol (JKS she is a beautiful soul). Arrangements made through text (quick response) but on the phone briefly. She offers LFK/DKF BBJ BLS DT CIMSW COF FS DATY 69 GREEK and other stuff I don't partake in like DATO, KINK shit. She has an awesome menu, just ask her!! She has a great voice, so inviting. I had some other women on the go as well (gotta have backups always) but when I spoke to her I dropped them to see her. I met her in the Kennedy and Courtney Park area.

When I got there, she promptly gave me the room #. I got in the room and she greeted me with a kiss. I knew then this was good be a good session. You can tell right away what your in for as soon as you get in the room (I dont give two f*cks, I will turn right back out of the room if things aren't legit). This was not the case. She is gorgeous even in a towel. Her room was clean and everything smelt nice and fresh. I quickly had a shower and got down to business. Started off with some LFK which quickly turned to DFK. She pushed me on the bed and gave me one of the best BBJ I've had in awhile. I got up and got her on her back to return the favor. DATY was fun and tasty. She was very vocal and active. She hopped on top rode the leg like a champ. Switched to missionary then doggy and finished with CIM. I was soo happy with her especially after going through a bunch of disappointments. I felt like quitting and then she restored my faith in the hobby. Don't miss her when she works again.

Looks and body: 9 out of 10 (Great boobs and ass, has a bit of a phat pussy as well)
Skill Level: 9 out of 10 (her bbj is sloppy with plenty of eye contact)
Attitude/Personality: 10 out of 10
Hotel & location: 7 out of 10

Link: https://www.sp411.cc/threads/186740-Lola-5643-Review-(Mulatto-Beauty)


r.Desmond - TERB

Lola Honeysweet - Super Friendly Sex Queen

Saw her ad on the boards and was intrigued by her happy demeanor and super sexy selfies so naturally I followed her on twitter. Since I liked her DTE vibe I proceeded to book a multi-hour appt, really easy to setup and confirm day before and day of. Was greeted by a tall gorgeous beauty in sexy lingerie, black pumps, and a lil white robe - pics def do not do this girl justice - wow. She is krazy hot, has a wild fro and glasses which def adds to the nerdy-hot vibe, a cool personality, is really easy going & ultra sexy woman. If you're a T&A man or have a thing for voluptuous women with large nipples you will not be disappointed.

Chatted for a bit then went to the washroom to freshen up, had a glass of wine and semi naked flirty chat on the bed post shower to ease into things. She was totally cool with natural progression to main event activities, lots of passionate dfk (love how she pulled at my cock the whole time whispering naughty things into my ear), amazing bbbj with LOTS of spit and DT (I would book again just to facefuck her for an hour). Absolutely loved the dirty talk and her vocalization of what she wanted me to do to her, and what she was going to do to me. At one point she started begging me to fuck her ass real hard in doggie, bucking back into me as hard as she could while I held on for dear life. Took a lot of mental power for me to stave off cumming inside her but watching her finger herself and cum hard on my dick while I was balls deep in her ass was motivation enough.

Love her sexy and very grabbable fro, it works as a great handle to direct the FF while DT and looks really cute on her. It is not 'exotic', why is that word still being used ugh gross... She asked me to slap her ass harder a couple times while in doggie and while sucking me off laying on her side, without a doubt she has krazy o-skillz and was able to get me off multiple times in an epic pse fashion. I came so hard the first time didn't think there was anything left in the tank but her enthusiasm, dirty talk, and slow-sensual slurping and moaning with generous DT got me there yet again and I ended the session exploding all over her face and tits. The sound of her choking on my dick, the sight of my cum dripping down her chin onto her tits, and the sunny smile on her face post dick-eruption is forever cataloged in my mental spank bank.

Sex drive galore, a very intense session with MPOS and MSOG for the acronym-constrained. Conversation in between rounds was fun and flirty. Felt more like fucking an old flame or friend which is rare for a first encounter but always nice, although I did book multi-hour and bring lots of goodies so ymmv [wine, chocolate, friendly-disposition, etc]. All I can say is eat your Wheaties - you're going to need the energy! I had a wonderful time with Lola and will absolutely book again. Left weak in the knees and with a huge smile on my face so I already have plans for round two...

Thanks babe, you're a total sweetheart and can't wait till next time!


Link: https://terb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?581003-Lola-Honeysweet-Super-Friendly-Sex-Queen

Mr. LaPage - CEARF

Caerf Advertiser Lola--Revie

I met Lola for an outcall in my hotel room. I won't try to describe her appearance in detail, since she has face pics in the selfies thread, but she's a pretty mulatta whose innocent look makes her wide PSE menu that much more exciting. She has a big bushy Afro that's great to grab at crucial moments.

Lola lists herself as 5'8", 160, and I don't think anyone would ask questions if she said 150. She's buxom, curvy, and thick, but not fat.

The main thing I want to communicate about Lola, before getting into details, is her amazing positive attitude. She makes it seem as though whatever she's doing with you at the moment is her favorite thing in the world. I don't recall an equal combination of warmth, enthusiasm, and fun since Becky/Rebecca.

When we got onto the bed she began to suck me, giving me a lot of pleasure and adjusting her technique as I told her exactly what I like. That should be taken for granted, but it's remarkable how many girls only want to do oral in the way that's comfortable for them. After a while I shifted position so that she could rim me, and she did it with complete willingness and a wonderful touch. To finish I had her lie back against the pillows and fucked her mouth until I was on the brink, then pulled out and shot a big load onto her face. The main glob went right into her eye, but she was fine with it, giggling happily.

To end the second round, I had a powerful climax jerking myself off onto her large breasts as she rimmed me. I must have been breathing heavily, because she asked, "Are you dying?" Unfortunately I misheard it as "Are you done?" and said "Yes", which was alarming, then funny.

I don't usually do fs or anal with escorts, so I can't comment on all of Lola's services, but I know from her conversation that she's an enthusiast for Greek. She's worked as a sub at a dungeon, and her menu is open in that direction as long as she feels safe. I believe she loves to be spanked.

Full disclosure: this is my first post, and Lola asked me to review her, because she'd like to be better known on this board. I hope the experienced people here will recognize that this isn't written in the style of a shill review. Lola is an incredible treat, and anyone who sees her will find that I've written the strict truth.

Link: https://www.caerf.cc/rboard/showthread.php?110705-Caerf-Advertiser-Lola-Review